Friday, September 6, 2013

your favorite visitors

Mimi and Papa were here for a week at the end of August.  When you know they're coming you start counting down, but it's usually three weeks, then two weeks, then weeks, then three days, then they're here.  And you often tell me plans you have with Mimi.  Play my toys in the playroom... Go wiff Mimi to the beach...  Sleep with Mimi in her bed...  Eat ice cream...  Etc.  On their last night here, you slept in the guest room with Mimi, and apparently at 3AM you fell out of the bed.  And you didn't like it one bit.  So maybe that plan will change in the future.

It was so hot the whole week and you loved when we were somewhere with some fort of water feature.  And most places we found at least one.

We went to a Minnie Mouse first birthday party for our little friend.
 And we went to a celebration of mom and dad's British friend who became a US citizen.

We had lunch at the train station.

 You met a friend who did not want you to leave and you got in a playful argument.  He begging you to stay, and you insisting that you had to go home for a nap.  You were cracking everyone up.

We went to the beach.

 We went to Knott's Berry Farm.  You were more brave this time.  Tried more rides, and went on kiddie ones by yourself.

 It was hot and you had this wet bandana on your head most of the time.
 We went to 'Planes' and you loved every bit of it.

 We went to the Parnell Park Zoo.

We ate lots of ice cream and snow cones and tried to stay cool.  And you were sad when it was time for them to leave.  But happy that we'll see them again soon!

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